Use your initiative!

This weekend Rishi said he would like to use initiative  and make his favourite breakfast i.e. pancakes . He did most of the work from sifting the flour to mixing the mixture and  even flipping the pancake , although not all of it turned out great , but he did use his initiative to do all the work . He really enjoyed it .

Use Your initiative!

Are you up for a challenge? Following on from Mrs Whinnett’s PSHE lesson on initiative, you have been set the challenge of showing us how you use your initiative outside school. Ask someone to take a photo of you to show us how you have completed the challenge and add it to this post with a description of what you did.

Top tips:

Don’t wait to be told – be a Self starter!





In class the boys have been carrying out science investigations, working on their scientific questioning and predictions.

Here are some photos of an investigation into mass and an investigation trying to prove heat rises.


A fond farewell!

Thank you so much for all of your kind wishes and generous gifts.  I was totally overwhelmed this morning (and unable to speak to say thank you!).  I have loved teaching your sons and watching them grow and develop this year.  They are a super bunch of boys and I will miss them all!  It’s also been a real privilege to teach alongside Mrs Cortes, Mrs Rose and Mrs Owens – they are amazing and I will also miss them terribly!


Have a wonderful summer and thank you once again!


With best wishes, Emma O’Brien

Outstanding geography presentations

Over half term the boys were asked to create a persuasive, factual presentation about an endangered animal of their choice. The year group would then vote for their favourite animal to be sponsored through the WWF. I have been so impressed by the amount of research completed, quality and organisation of facts (posters and PowerPoint presentations) and passionate deliveries.

It was a very close vote but Year 3 has decided to sponsor the giant panda (3R) and the Amur leopard  (3CO).

Well done to everyone! Outstanding effort!